Doctor Who Magazine 509

The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine talks to self-confessed Doctor Who fan Rufus Hound – Sam Swift the Quick in 2015’s The Woman Who Lived, and most recently the latest incarnation of the Meddling Monk for Big Finish –

Peter Capaldi announces departure

Peter Capaldi has announced that he is to leave Doctor Who at the end of the current production block, with his final appearance coming in this year’s Christmas special episode. A new actor will then take on the role for

John Hurt has died

John Hurt has sadly died – full article on BBC News Will be remembered as the War Doctor

Doctor Who Magazine 508

In this special issue, DWM brought together Jo Grant actress Katy Manning with one of her biggest fans, Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss. Mark remembers the first time he saw Katy on screen in her début adventure, 1971’s

Doctor Who final ratings for Mysterio

The Return of Doctor Mysterio, had an official rating of 7.83 million viewers, according to data released by BARB. The rating is over 2 million higher than the initial overnight figure and includes all those who recorded the programme and

Series 10 teaser trailer

Return of Doctor Mysterio overnight ratings

The Christmas Special, The Return of Doctor Mysterio, had an estimated audience of 5.68 million viewers on BBC One, a share of 27.1% of the total TV audience, according to unofficial overnigfht figures. Overall TV was low but it beat

Class air time and date on BBC One confirmed

Class air time and date on BBC One confirmed It has been confirmed that Doctor Who spin-off Class is finally to coming to BBC1. The show, which completed its first series run through the online-only BBC3 earlier this month, will

New Christmas 2016 Special TV trailer

Christmas Special DWM