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Doctor Who Magazine 573

Source : DoctorWhoNews This month’s Doctor Who Magazine investigates how digital technology transformed Doctor Who. Highlights of the new issue include: DWM charts the history of digital effects in Doctor Who from the 1970s to the most recent episodes. Dave Bannister and Andrew Robertson

Legend of the Sea Devils trailer

Doctor Who Magazine 572

SOURCE : DOCTORWHOMAGAZINE.COM EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW OF THE NEW YEAR’S DAY SPECIAL Highlights of the new issue include: An exclusive preview of Eve of the Daleks, with contributions from Chris Chibnall, John Bishop, Mandip Gill and director Annetta Laufer. Interviews with

Eve of the Daleks trailer

Doctor Who will return on 1 January 2022 called Eve of the Daleks the trailer end of the last episode there was a new banner uploaded by BBC Online

The Vanquishers trailer

Village of the Angels overnight ratings

Source : RADIOTIMES Despite receiving praise from fans and critics, the episode’s ratings were down. Doctor Who: Flux‘s latest episode was hailed as “epic” and “breathtaking” by fans, but it didn’t fare quite so well in the overnight ratings. In what has

Survivors of the Flux trailer

Once, Upon Time overnight ratings

Source : RADIOTIMES Doctor Who: Flux is in full swing, with last night’s episode marking the halfway point for the six-parter ahead of a series of specials in 2022. Once, Upon Time introduced some new members to the Doctor Who cast, including

Village of the Angels trailer

War of the Sontarans overnight ratings

Source : RADIOTIMES The early audience figures are in for the second chapter of Doctor Who: Flux. Overnight figures for Sunday night show that War of the Sontarans was watched by 3.96 million viewers. This marks a drop of almost half a million

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