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Doctor Who Magazine 556

TIME LORD VICTORIOUS BEGINS HERE… Highlights of the new issue include: A bonus 20-page supplement featuring the first part of Time Lord Victorious: Monstrous Beauty, an exclusive new comic-strip adventure for the Ninth Doctor and Rose. A detailed guide to Time Lord

Daleks Animated Series announced

DALEKS! The animated series joins Time Lord Victorious The Daleks are taking over with their own animated series! The final, missing piece in Time Lord Victorious is announced today, with a five-part CGI animation launching in November this year. Daleks! will be available

Doctor Who Magazine 555

Source : The latest issue of Doctor Who Magazine goes back to the 1970’s to investigate a TARDIS journey we never saw.  Highlights of the new issue include: The story behind a bizarre and long-lost adventure starring Tom Baker as the

Time Fracture

Source :: BigFinish Immersive Everywhere today revealed further details for Doctor Who: Time Fracture, a new immersive theatrical event from the team behind The Great Gatsby, the UK’s longest running immersive show.  Source:: Officially licensed by BBC Studios, Doctor Who: Time

Doctor Who Magazine 554

A new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now! 🗞 Here’s what you can find: 📍 An interview with Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)📍 In-depth investigations into unknown areas of the Doctor Who universe 📍 An interview with Series 12 hair and make-up designer Claire Pritchard 📍 An analysis

Doctor Who Magazine 553

JON PERTWEE AND ELISABETH SLADEN ARE YOUR HOSTS FOR A VISIT TO THE SET OF DOCTOR WHO!Highlights of the new issue include:• Newly discovered interviews conducted at the heart of production on Death to the Daleks and Planet of the Spiders. w• The Doctor

Jodie Whittaker, Matt Smith and David Tennant Unite

‘The truth is it never goes away’ says David Tennant. ‘It’s 15 years since I did it and I’m here today!’ He’s talking, of course, about Doctor Who. To mark the show’s arrival in the US on streaming service HBO Max, Tennant

New Doctor Who Escape Rooms

source : RadioTimes New “Escape Zooms” allow Doctor Who fans to face Cybermen and solve puzzles from home Missing the fun of an escape room? A new service will allow fans to play from their sofas. By Huw FullertonWednesday, 24th June

Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas reprise roles

Doctor Who releasing new scene with Pearl Mackie and Matt Lucas It will be a sequel to Peter Capaldi-era story ‘The Doctor Falls’. This weekend’s final Doctor Who fan watchalong will not be going ahead, but there will still be a new

David Tennant returns as The Doctor in Minisode “The Secret of Novice Hame”

On the last day of her life, Novice Hame has a final, terrible secret… but who will she tell? This video was specially created for #NewNewYork, the worldwide tweetalong of the Doctor Who episodes ‘New Earth’ and ‘Gridlock’ on Saturday

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