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John Hurt has died

John Hurt has sadly died – full article on BBC News Will be remembered as the War Doctor

Steve Dillon

Steve Dillon was a regular contributor to Doctor Who Magazine in the 1980’s where he created the character of Abslom Daak. Dillon’s art was first seen in the fifth edition of the magazine, then called Doctor Who Weekly, in which

Gareth Thomas

Blake’s 7 star Gareth Thomas has died at the age of 71. A message on the Blake’s 7 website announced that Thomas had succumbed to heart failure early on Wednesday (April 13). “Our thoughts are with his wife Linda, and

Robert Banks Stewart

Sad to report the death of Robert Banks Stewart, whom many Doctor Who fans will remember fondly as the creator of the Zygons. Aside from writing two Fourth Doctor adventures – Terror of the Zygons and The Seeds of Doom

Derek Ware

Actor and Stunt Arranger Derek Ware has died at the age of 77. Derek Ware was a regular performer on Doctor Who throughout the first ten years of its existence, appearing in at least 21 episodes and acting as Fight

Olaf Pooley rip

Olaf Pooley was Doctor Who’s oldest surviving actor until he passed away yesterday at the grand old age of 101. As ever with people who have crossed paths with the famous Time Lord, there was much more to him than

Barry Newbery has died

Veteran Doctor Who designer Barry Newbery has died at the age of 88. Barry Newbery was one of the most prolific designers of Doctor Who, working on more episodes of the classic series than any other designer in its 26

Fiona Cumming 1937-2015

Classic era director Fiona Cumming died aged 77. Cumming directed the following stories: Castrovalva, Snakedance, Enlightenment and Planet of Fire. Prior to this she was Assistant floor Manager on The Massacre of St. Bartholomew’s Eve, and Production Assistant on The

Bernard Kay has died, aged 86.

The actor Bernard Kay has died, aged 86. Born in Bolton, Kay began his working life as a reporter on Bolton Evening News, and a stringer for The Manchester Guardian. He was conscripted in 1946 and started acting in the

Ian Fairbairn has died

The actor Ian Fairbairn has died. Ian Fairbairn was a veteran actor on British television, appearing in a variety of programmes during the 1960s to 1980s, including Emergency Ward 10, Z Cars, The Onedin Line, Shoestring, The Professionals and Last