Doctor Who confirmed to return to screens “by October”

July Preview

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With filming now wrapped and the new sonic screwdriver unveiled, Doctor Who fans have one big question on their minds: when will we see Jodie Whittaker in series 11?

Fortunately, we’ve now got an answer. Well, partly. Although the BBC have previously said the sci-fi series will return this autumn (which officially means any time between 23rd September and 21st December), they’ve now confirmed in the latest issue of Radio Times that it will air “by October”. Yes, new Doctor Who really is only a matter of weeks away.

At this point, that means a start date sometime in September or October, which could result in the ten-episode series ending close to Christmas Day, when a festive special will also air.

Hopefully, we’ll receive an exact airdate soon, alongside answers to some of the new series’ biggest questions. For instance, what does the “crazy” new Tardis interior design actually look like? What secrets are hidden in the sonic screwdriver? And – in the absence of the Daleks – what new aliens can we expect to come across our screens?

Only time (and space) will tell…

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