Doctor Who Magazine 497

Doctor Who Magazine 497

The latest edition of Doctor Who Magazine is out today, and celebrates the twentieth anniversary of the TV Movie, featuring new interviews with Daphne Ashbrook, Eric Roberts, Yee Jee Tso, Gordon Tipple and the Eighth Doctor himself, Paul McGann!

The 56-year-old actor can’t quite believe how quickly 20 years have flown by:

It seems like yesterday. If you’d have said ‘ten years’, I’d have said, ‘Yeah, that’s about right.’ But it’s actually 20! I remember every bit of it. It’s an anniversary, isn’t it? We love anniversaries in magazines, and we love anniversaries on the telly.

The actor also acknowledges how, in hindsight, the pilot for a series which never materialised did play its part in Doctor Who’s legacy:
Those of us who were involved in it, when on the occasions that we do get to meet and talk about it in front of an audience, even four or five years ago… Phil Segal was there, and Yee Jee was there, and Daphne was there, Eric Roberts was there… we all met and there was a proper reunion and we talked about it, and I think the feeling then between us, and the audience agreed, was that yes, flawed it might have been, and a long shot it certainly was, and in the end it failed its chief function which was to go to a series, but… all things considered it was a good idea and it played its part in restoring the momentum enough. It kept Doctor Who going. Ten years later, it came back. And Russell T Davies [showrunner 2005-10] gave the nod, in subtle ways, to it.

Other featues inside this special TV Movie-themed issue include:

The TV Movie’s lasting legacy: DWM explores how the 1996 venture influenced the revival of the series which would follow in 2005.
Daphne Ashbrook interview: Grace Holloway actress Daphne Ashbrook reminisces about kissing the Doctor, and how the TV Movie made her fall in love with Doctor Who.
Yee Jee Tso interview: Yee Jee Tso who played Chang Lee looks back on the time when he collaborated with the Master.
Jo Wright interview: Executive producer Jo Wright reveals how getting the TV Movie off the ground proved to be an almost impossible challenge.
Eric Roberts interview: Hollywood star Eric Roberts talks about giving the Master a whole new lease of life in 1996.
Gordon Tipple interview: Gordon Tipple delves into his ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ appearance as the ‘old’ Master in the TV Movie.


Ask Steven Moffat: Doctor Who’s showrunner Steven Moffat answers readers’ questions.
We’re going on a Witch Hunt: …in part one of our brand-new comic strip adventure, Witch Hunt, written by Jacqueline Rayner and illustrated by Martin Geraghty.
The Test of a modern audience: Jacqueline Rayner revisits the TV Movie with her twin boys and gives their verdicts in her column, Relative Dimensions.
Time Team: What will the Time Team make of Winston Churchill’s new allies in Victory of the Daleks?
The Power of Kroll: The Doctor and Romana face a huge problem when they land on the third moon of Delta Magna, in this issue’s Fact of Fiction.
Dinosaurs on a Spaceship: DWM puts one of new showrunner Chris Chibnall’s previous episodes under the spotlight.

Coming Soon: DWM previews all the latest Doctor Who CD and book releases.
Plus all the latest official news, reviews, competitions and The DWM Crossword.

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