Doctor Who Magazine 500

Doctor Who Magazine 500

Highlights include:

• EXCLUSIVE interviews with: the current Doctor, Peter Capaldi; the Fourth Doctor, Tom Baker; and showrunner, Steven Moffat, about the future of the show.

• A message to readers from new companion Pearl Mackie

• A letter from the Doctor

• Peter Capaldi answers questions once put to William Hartnell

• The biggest-ever comic strip the magazine has ever published: a glorious 20-page adventure, illustrated by a host of returning artists from Doctor Who Magazine’s past

• An in-depth feature on the story that fans voted the best Doctor Who story of all time: the 2013 50th Anniversary Special, The Day of the Doctor.

• An article celebrating the most memorable moments from 500 issues of Doctor Who Magazine

• A look at how Doctor Who might have returned to TV in 2001, as imagined by award-winning writer Mark Gatiss

• Competitions to win HUGE prizes, including over £500 of DVDs and Blu-rays!

• Plus News, Reviews, Coming Soon, Wotcha and LOTS of surprises!

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