Doctor Who Seasons 1-8 coming to Amazon Prime Video In March

Netflix ended its relationship with the show on February 1, which was particularly hard on Americans since the new episodes of Doctor Who won’t air for many months. It would have been an ideal time to re-watch old episodes and get ready for the next season.

American viewers were left somewhat bewildered by what to do after Netflix stopped streaming the show. Doctor Who was also carried by Hulu, and then Hulu dropped the show as well. There was some thought that the BBC itself would try to bring its iPlayer to the US, and perhaps that may still happen in the future. For now, it is welcome news that Doctor Who will be back online here in the States.

In America, Doctor Who has gained a very steady following. It has more teen viewers than other dramas on network and cable television, and is regularly among the top ten most discussed shows on social media. So it caused a genuine panic when the show left Netflix.

Amazon already had Season 9 on streaming, and episodes were available to watch the morning after they aired in the UK. It was convenient, so long as you had a Prime membership. The membership currently costs $99 per year (or $49 for students), and includes free two-day shipping on many items, as well as access to Amazon’s vast library of videos.

The only downside to the Doctor Who content available on Amazon in March is that it only includes the rebooted seasons. Netflix offered access to all of Doctor Who, from what they called Classic Doctor Who to the modern Doctor Who. It will remain difficult for fans to watch complete seasons of the older series, short of purchasing them on disc. However, having seasons 1-8 available again is pure joy for American fans.

Source : BlogtorWho

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