Ian Fairbairn has died

The actor Ian Fairbairn has died.

Ian Fairbairn was a veteran actor on British television, appearing in a variety of programmes during the 1960s to 1980s, including Emergency Ward 10, Z Cars, The Onedin Line, Shoestring, The Professionals and Last of the Summer Wine.

He first appeared in Doctor Who in 1967 playing Questa, a human who lived in a colony secretly ruled by Macra, in the first Episode of The Macra Terror. He returned to the series in 1968, playing Mark Gregory, a researcher for International Electromatics in three episodes of The Invasion.

In 1970 he appeared in the third Doctor story Inferno as Bromley, a technician who became the first person to mutate into a Primord. His final apperance in the series was in 1976 when he played Doctor Chester, a medical doctor stationed at the South Bend base in Antarctica, in the third episode of The Seeds of Doom.

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