Jakie Lane

Fantom Film’s sadly reported the death of Jackie Lane, Dodo, on 23 June 2021.

Source : Blogtorwho

It is with deep sadness that BlogtorWho reports the death of Doctor Who companion Jackie Lane.

This evening Fantom Films has shared the news that Doctor Who actor Jackie Lane has sadly passed away. Originally up for consideration for the role of Susan, Lane withdrew as it necessitated a year long contract. A few years later she was cast as Dodo Chaplet, a new companion of William Hartnell‘s First Doctor. The character appeared suddenly at the end of The Massacre, a story which sadly is lost to the archives. Dodo would then appear in the stories The ArkThe Celestial ToymakerThe GunfightersThe Savages. She would then decide not to return to the TARDIS during the events of The War Machines bringing an end to a memorable stint as a companion to the Doctor.

Jackie Lane had appeared in a number of other television programmes before being cast in Doctor Who. These included 9 episodes of Compact, followed by appearances in Corronation StreetThe Protectors and The Villains (all of which saw her credited as Jackie Lenya). After leaving Doctor Who Jackie Lane became a diplomatic secretary in Paris before returning to the UK. She would later also become a theatrical agent, representing Fourth Doctor actor Tom Baker and fellow Doctor Who companion Janet Fielding. Younger viewers may also recall a brief appearance in the notorious Doctor Who Live: The Afterparty during the 50th Anniversary celebrations. She also made a brief appearance in Fantom Films’ Time-Space Visualiser online convention recently, sending her greetings to Doctor Who fans.

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