River Song in Time Fracture

The official images from Kingston’s cameo see River Song sporting a black and white dress similar to that of a housemaid and sitting in front of a green screen, meaning any amount of sci-fi mayhem could be going on behind her.

Check out the images below:


The event, which runs for well over two hours, features a cast of 42 performers, as well as ambitious sets designed to drop you into the world of Doctor Who.

“You can walk in off the street, having never seen an episode of Doctor Who or done any research and come in and have this adventure,” said writer-director Daniel Dingsdale in an interview with RadioTimes.com.

“Because it’s set in its own little pocket universe. Due to the time fracture, creating habit with the dimensions. It’s got a solid beginning, middle and end so you can walk in off the street and just go on this adventure.

He added: “However, if you are a Whovian and if you are a Doctor Who fan, everything within the show, it will be familiar to you. Everything that is hidden somewhere it is nodding to or paying homage to the last 60 years nearly of Whovian canon. So if you are a Whovian, you’re gonna have a wonderful night.”

Doctor Who: Time Fracture is playing now in London. Tickets are available now. Looking for something to watch? Check out our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.

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