Series 12 coming soon trailer

We’re not quite halfway through the current series of Doctor Who yet, but the BBC sci-fi drama has already dropped a surprise new trailer showing off some of what we can expect from the upcoming episodes – and from the looks of it, things are getting even darker for Jodie Whittaker’s Time Lord as an unseen enemy promises “All humanity will fall.”

Showing off new looks at the returning Cybermen, a rumoured Mary Shelley episode and plenty of other intriguing characters and monsters, the teaser also indicates some trouble between the Doctor and her companions, with Tosin Cole’s Ryan suggesting that it could be time for them to leave the TARDIS behind.

“How long is this gonna last, Yaz?” he asks Mandip Gill’s fellow traveller. “Is this our lives?”

Later, Whittaker’s Doctor suggests that she’ll face even more unsurmountable odds, admitting that “Sometimes, even I can’t win.”

But what is she facing? Could it have something to do with the teleporting, black smoke-formed character played by Game of Thrones’ Ian Gelder? Could it be the battered, shadowy Cybermen lurking just out of view?

Or is it still something to do with the burning ruins of Gallifrey, and the lingering words of Sacha Dhawan’s Master from earlier in the series?

Clearly, there’s a lot going on in the next six episodes of Doctor Who. We can hardly wait to see how it all turns out…

Doctor Who continues on BBC One on Sundays

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