The Fourth Doctor will return in 2017 for more audios

The Fourth Doctor will return in 2017 for a sixth series of audio adventures…

Tom Baker will again be accompanied by Lalla Ward as his Time Lord companion Romana, in nine releases that are set in the early part of Season 18.

“Some of the stories are set between The Leisure Hive and Meglos,” says producer David Richardson, “and some between Meglos and Full Circle – with John Leeson returning as K9 in the second batch of tales. And yes – in a first for the range – the stories will also feature Peter Howell’s version of the theme!”

Details are under-wraps at this time; but you can expect old enemies, a visit to the unique planet Funderell and the return of the much-loved Victorian investigators Jago and Litefoot to the Fourth Doctor range.

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