The Zygon Invasion Overnight Viewing Figures

The Zygon Invasion – Overnight Viewing Figures

3.87 million viewers watched Doctor Who: The Zygon Invasion, according to unofficial overnight viewing figures.

Doctor Who had a 19.4% share of the total TV audience, where is was the 5th most watched programme of the day.

Top of the day was Strictly Come Dancing with an audience of 9.35 million watching. The dancing had a nearly 4 million lead over the second placed The X Factor which was placed directly opposite Doctor Who, and managed 5.63 million.

The Rugby Cup Final, shown on ITV in the afternoon, had 4.92 million watching, while Pointless Celebrities, for the first time, managed to beat the Doctor in the overnight figures, although this position is likely to be reversed when the final figures are published next week.

Overall Doctor Who currently stands as 38th for the week.

Source GallifreyBase

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