Big Finish audio stories extended to March 2020.

Recently we were delighted to announce a new license with the BBC to produce Doctor Who audio stories through to March 2020. Since that happy and proud day for us, we’ve been able to confirm some stunning new ranges and releases, such as Doctor Who – Doom Coalition, Torchwood, more Doctor Who – The Fourth Doctor Adventures and UNIT – The New Series, with more to come.

But that’s not to neglect our hugely popular and long-running main range of Doctor Who stories. Today this range is extended through to March 2020, when the two hundredth and sixty second story will be released! We’re also marking the event by creating eight separate ranges, one for each Big Finish Doctor, so that you can find your favourites as easily as possible, with Bundles set up to make buying a specific Doctor a little easier…

While all our existing subscriptions remain available for the main range and the new stories (along with the free PDF scripts, extended extras on download, and four Doctor Who -Subscriber Short Trips a year they give), for this month only, we’re making available a special extended subscription on both CD and Download. This subscription, priced at £350 for CD, £325 for Download, runs for 42 stories, starting from anywhere the listener requires between story #216 and story #221. If you’re able to start from #221 then you’ll be placing an order for every single one of these newly announced Doctor Who stories from January 2017 to March 2020! And it does, of course, come with all the extras, at savings of well over £200 on either format!

The offer is for this month only, and ends on July 1st. So strike while you can!

The latest teaser for our Doctor Who main range went live this morning with a trailer for September’s Doctor Who – Terror of the Sontarans. While on website Kasterborous, they’ve just run an article where their writers pick their 12 favourites…

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