Doctor Who Mission Dalek

the Daleks once again, enter it in our competition for the chance of a lifetime – a visit to the Doctor Who set and chance to meet the Twelfth Doctor himself, Peter Capaldi, on the 24th September 2015! Winning entries will also be featured here!

How to Enter

Look for the clues in the Doctor’s 2000 Year Diary in this video as a starting point to create your idea.
Your stories should be told digitally. Create anything from video, animation and images, even submit original digital artwork.
You can create your own adventure from scratch or download a range of Doctor Who assets to get cracking.
Need some help to get started? Check out the Make it Digital website for some useful tips and tools to help you start creating, or learn from the experts in our ‘How To’ videos.
Upload your entry to ANY SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM and send us a LINK in an E-MAIL to, with the subject line MISSION DALEK COMPETITION.
The things to remember

This competition is for UK residents only, and is open from 23:59 on Tuesday 18th August.
Entries must be sent together with your name, age and confirmation of UK residency, before midnight on Wednesday 9th September 2015. After that time, no entries will be accepted.
Entries can be you own video, animation, mash-up, digital artwork or graphic.
You can use our rights-cleared assets (see link above) or create your own original content only. Digital works that feature imagery or clips from past Doctor Who episodes that are not included in the cleared assets on this website, cannot be featured.
Entries can be anything up to 90 seconds in length.
Winners must be available on Thursday 24th September – the date of the prize set visit.
Don’t forget to read our full terms and conditions, FAQ and judging criteria before sending us your digital creations.
The competition is only open to UK residents 16 years of age or older, but you can enter as a family if under 16.
When you are sending us the link to your entry, please make sure it works properly and is available for us to access easily.
Please make sure that you or anyone appearing in your entry (e.g. performing in a piece or cosplaying) is aware of what it’s for and has agreed to do so, and given permission for us to use their inclusion in that entry for the purposes of this competition.
Your entry will be judged on the following criteria:
• Storytelling. How well is the story told? How inventive is the narrative?
• Digital Creativity. How strong and accomplished are the design elements of the piece?
• Technical aptitude. How accomplished is the piece technically, using digital forms? E.g. How well shot/ edited is it, how well animated is it?

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