Ghost Monument final ratings

Doctor Who: The Ghost Monument had an official rating of 9.00 millionviewers, according to figures released by the Broadcasting Research Audience Board, BARB.

8.67 million watched the episode on a conventional TV set. However the BARB 4-Screen Dashboard shows that an additional 184,000 watched on their PC, 83,000 watched on a Tablet device and 64,000 watched on a smartphone These figures make Doctor Who the 4th most watched programme of the week ending 14th October.

Top for the week were the two editions of Strictly Come Dancing, with the Saturday show getting 12.03 million watching. Channel 4 had a rare entry into the top ten at number 3 with The Great British Bake Off getting 9.22 million viewers.

On ITV Coronation Street managed to get 8.0 million watching and was fifth in the weekly chart.

The Ghost Monument had an Appreciation Index score of 82, scoring higher with women than men and higher with those aged under 35.

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