overnight ratings for Deep Breath

Doctor Who: Deep Breath has an audience on BBC One of 6.8 million viewers. It had a 32.5% share of the total TV audience.

Doctor Who was by far the most watched programme of Saturday night, getting over two million more viewers than the second placed Casualty, which had 4.2 million watching. Tumble, the programme leading into Doctor Who had 3.3 million. The BBC took the top five places of the day with ITV’s highest rated programme being Tipping Point: Lucky Stars with 3.3 million viewers.

The audience rose slowly through the episode, peaking at 7.0 million towards the end.

Doctor Who is currently the third highest rated programme for the week, with The Great British Bake Off leading the charts with 7.4 million.

The overnight figure is an estimate of the numbers watching when the show was transmitted and on catchup the same day. It does not include those watching at the Cinema. A full consolidated figure, including those who watch the programme within 1 week of transmission, will be released by BARB next week. The consolidated figure is likely to be substantially more then the initial overnight and could see Doctor Who reaching top place in the charts.

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