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Tom Baker new series/companion

source : RadioTimes The Fourth Doctor is about to embark on a series of adventures with a new companion in the latest Doctor Who spin-off from Big Finish. Tom Baker’s incarnation will be joined by Naomi Cross, “ an impetuous UNIT secretary”,

Doctor Who Magazine 554

A new issue of Doctor Who Magazine is out now! 🗞 Here’s what you can find: 📍 An interview with Arthur Darvill (Rory Williams)📍 In-depth investigations into unknown areas of the Doctor Who universe 📍 An interview with Series 12 hair and make-up designer Claire Pritchard 📍 An analysis

Doctor Who Magazine 553

JON PERTWEE AND ELISABETH SLADEN ARE YOUR HOSTS FOR A VISIT TO THE SET OF DOCTOR WHO!Highlights of the new issue include:• Newly discovered interviews conducted at the heart of production on Death to the Daleks and Planet of the Spiders. w• The Doctor

Twinkl releases educational Doctor Who materials

The global educational publisher Twinkl and BBC Studios have created a ‘dalek-table’ range of free educational Doctor Who resources for children aged between seven and eleven years old. Launched today in the UK, these are the first-ever resources based on

Doctor Who Magazine 552

SOURCE : DOCTORWHOMAGAZINE.COM HE FIRST DOCTOR’S GREATEST ADVENTURES – CHOSEN BY THE READERS OF DWM! Thirty-two First Doctor stories battled for the top spot in our epic Twitter contest. Which is the fans’ favourite?  Issue 552 also includes: Series 11 writers

Big Finish to end monthly Doctor Who audio range in 2022 revamp

SOURCE : RADIOTIMES In a major change, Doctor Who audio drama producers Big Finish have announced they will be ending their monthly range of releases. Big Finish’s original Doctor Who range has been running continuously for over two decades, since the company

Eric Roberts returns as The Master

SOURCE :: RADIOTIMES Doctor Who’s Eric Roberts getting his own Master spin-off from Big Finish It’s on audio – but we’re going to assume he’ll still drezzzzz for the occasion. By Morgan JefferyFriday, 22nd May 2020 at 5:00 pm  24 years

Doctor Who lost story on audio

SOURCE : RADIOTIMES Doctor Who lost story written by legendary TV producer John Lloyd will finally see the light of day The Doomsday Contract was originally intended for television in the 1970s. Doctor Who fans will finally get to experience

Doctor Who Magazine 551

“Steven, you know full well we’re always winging it…” FORMER DOCTOR WHO SHOWRUNNERS RUSSELL T DAVIES AND STEVEN MOFFAT INTERVIEW EACH OTHER! Issue 551 also includes: Extended Production Notes from current showrunner Chris Chibnall. Composer Segun Akinola reveals his inspirations for the

Sadie Miller is Sarah Jane Smith

Sadie Miller is Sarah Jane Smith  As exclusively revealed in Doctor Who Magazine issue 550, Elisabeth Sladen’s daughter Sadie Miller has been cast in Doctor Who: Return of the Cybermen as Sarah Jane Smith.  Due for release in January 2021

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