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Doctor Who Magazine 508

In this special issue, DWM brought together Jo Grant actress Katy Manning with one of her biggest fans, Doctor Who writer and actor Mark Gatiss. Mark remembers the first time he saw Katy on screen in her début adventure, 1971’s

Christmas Special DWM

Doctor Who Magazine 506

The new issue of Doctor Who magazine is out on the November 17th and it’s another celebratory edition. Even though we have no Who on out tellies it seems we still have plenty to celebrate. The Cybermen have had their big

Power Of The Daleks artwork and extras

Artwork and extras announced for Power Of The Daleks BBC Worldwide has confirmed the additional material that will be included on the release of the animated version of The Power of the Daleks. This highly anticipated adventure will be released

Doctor Who Magazine 505

Latest issue cover which is out 20 October 2016 This month’s Doctor Who Magazine celebrates the 10th Anniversary of Doctor Who’s first ongoing spin-off series, when John Barrowman talks Torchwood… Following Barrowman’s comment at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con that

Doctor Who Magazine 504

Costume designer Alexandra Tynan gave the original Cybermen their distinctive look for their first appearance in The Tenth Planet in 1966: People often come up to me and say, ‘I think your Cybermen were the most frightening,’ I looked at

Power Of The Daleks animated

It has been confirmed that BBC Worldwide will be releasing animation of the lost Doctor Who story, The Power of the Daleks, via download and DVD. The download release will take place on Saturday 5th November at 5:50pm and this

Adric returns to Doctor Who on Audio

The TARDIS returns to 1982 as three companions join the Doctor for new stories… As first revealed in this week’s brand new Doctor Who Magazine, Adric (Matthew Waterhouse) is back with the Fifth Doctor, Tegan and Nyssa for three more

Doctor Who Magazine 503

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Doctor Who Magazine On Location Special

Doctor Who Magazine have released an unmissable 100 page special of their publication – Doctor Who Magazine Special Edition: On Location. As any Doctor Who fan will know, the TARDIS crew can travel anywhere in time and space. This obviously