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Doctor Who Magazine 552

SOURCE : DOCTORWHOMAGAZINE.COM HE FIRST DOCTOR’S GREATEST ADVENTURES – CHOSEN BY THE READERS OF DWM! Thirty-two First Doctor stories battled for the top spot in our epic Twitter contest. Which is the fans’ favourite?  Issue 552 also includes: Series 11 writers

The Unsung Heroes of Doctor Who

SOURCE : DOCTORWHONEWS.NET Fantom Events have announced a brand-new lockdown project celebrating the “unsung heroes” of Doctor Who. Hosted by Alex Moore, this series of YouTube videos aims to tell the behind the scenes story of those members of the cast and crew

Time Lord Victorious

Follow several Doctors across space and time as they defend their home planet from a terrible race, this is a story like no other… Time Lord Victorious is a brand-new multi-platform Doctor Who story told across audio, novels, comics, vinyl, digital,

Doctor Who Magazine 551

“Steven, you know full well we’re always winging it…” FORMER DOCTOR WHO SHOWRUNNERS RUSSELL T DAVIES AND STEVEN MOFFAT INTERVIEW EACH OTHER! Issue 551 also includes: Extended Production Notes from current showrunner Chris Chibnall. Composer Segun Akinola reveals his inspirations for the

Big Night In Video

Big Night In Event

SOURCE :: BBC.CO.UK Big Night In: Doctor Who stars past and present unite for BBC charity show Ten Doctor Who actors from the past 50 years will say thank you to real doctors and other NHS staff on a star-studded

Rory and Amy return in new scene

Last night’s shared viewing of The Doctor’s Wife on Twitter was introduced by a new specially written scene featuring Arthur Darvill reprising his role as Rory Williams, updating his diary with events about to occur … Doctor Who: LOCKDOWN | Rory’s Story The minisode was written

Rose: The Prequel

Doctor Who ex-showrunner Russell T Davies has announced that Rose: The Prequel is coming to the official BBC Doctor Who website later this week. Posting on Instagram today (March 24), Davies, whose location is noted as Gallifrey, wrote to his followers: “ROSE livestream and tweet-a-long, THURSDAY 26 MARCH at

Doctor Who Magazine 550

Trapped indoors in lockdown?    Well buy a six-month subscription of the Doctor Who Magazine with a very special NEW ISSUE OF DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE 550 Issue 550 of Doctor Who Magazine is contains a huge package of must-have items for

The Timeless Children Final ratings

SOURCE : DOCTORWHONEWS.NET  The Timeless Children, had an official rating of 4.69 million viewers, according to figures released by the Broadcasting Research Audience Board, BARB.  The figure is the lowest consolidated figure for an epiosde of Doctor Who since the series returned

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