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Series 11 release date trailer

Series 11 air date confirmed

The last time viewers saw the Doctor, she was falling from her TARDIS so it’s about time for the Doctor to land. This time it’s all change, as Doctor Who is moving to Sunday nights, launching on Sunday 7th October. Never before in

Doctor Who Magazine 529

  SERIES 11 COMPANIONS MANDIP GILL AND TOSIN COLE WRITE FOR DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE! READ THEIR DOCTOR WHO DIARY IN THE LATEST ISSUE. Doctor Who Magazine 529 also includes: Meet the writers and directors of Series 11 An interview with Roy Scammell,

Series 11 writers and directors announced

After months (if not years) of speculation, the BBC has finally revealed the new writers working on Jodie Whittaker’s first series of Doctor Who, and they’re extremely exciting. The full list (alongside showrunner Chris Chibnall) consists of Vinay Patel (Murdered by My Father), Joy

Doctor Who confirmed to return to screens “by October”

  With filming now wrapped and the new sonic screwdriver unveiled, Doctor Who fans have one big question on their minds: when will we see Jodie Whittaker in series 11? Fortunately, we’ve now got an answer. Well, partly. Although the

Neil Gaiman keen to write new episode

Neil Gaiman hasn’t given up on a return to Doctor Who. “If you examine my DNA and you go in deep enough, with a good enough microscope, you’re gonna see a TARDIS, with a little light blinking on the top!”

Doctor Who Magazine 528

The next issue of Doctor Who Magazine is due in the shops on Thursday 26th July, and features an exclusive interview with new lead writer Chris Chibnall and the preparations that took place to reveal Jodie Whittaker as the new

New series 11 trailer

New trailer

New Doctor Who trailer to air 15/7/18

Football might not be coming home, but the TARDIS is on its way! It’s been announced that the first official trailer for the new series of Doctor Who will air as part of BBC One’s World Cup Final broadcast this Sunday (July

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