Doctor Who World Tour finishes

Doctor Who has been around the world and he didn’t even need his TARDIS to do it.

New Time Lord Peter Capaldi and his on-screen companion Jenna Coleman have been whizzing around the planet in a promotional blur to drum up interest of the new series.

Over the last 12 days, the pair, alongside showrunner Steven Moffatt, have visited seven cities across seven different timezones in five continents.

They’ve been from Cardiff, to London, over to Seoul and Sydney, then to American to take in New York and then south of the border to Mexico City before finally arriving in Rio de Janeiro for the final stop.

All this means that they flew more than 35,000 miles in total – without benefit of the TARDIS – during the gruelling schedule.

More than 11,000 fans got the chance to watch the season eight opener Deep Breath early, as well as see the new Doctor and Clara up close at seven Q&A sessions.

There was six iconic photoshoots which took place at Cardiff Castle, South Korea’s Bosingak Bell, New York’s Top of the Rock, Sydney’s Harbour Bridge and Rio’s Christ The Redeemer.

More than 250 international media outlets flocked to meet the threesome as they flew around the globe, including the press conferences in Sydney, Medico City and Rio.

The world tour will come to an end in London’s Leicester Square on Saturday with a special live-screening of! If you want any further information on the Leicester Square premiere, let me know.

* Doctor Who Series 8 begins Saturday August 23 at 7.50pm on BBC One

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