Final figures for the UK transmission of Deep Breath

Final figures for the UK transmission of Deep Breath give the episode a consolidated rating of 9.17 million viewers.

The final figure is a much more accurate one than the initial overnight report. It includes all those who watch the programme within 1 week of transmission. Apart from the Christmas specials and The Day of the Doctor, The final rating is the highest rating since Matt Smith’s debut episode The Eleventh Hour.
The final rating makes Doctor Who the second highest rated programme for the week on British Television, behind The Great British Bake Off.

The Thursday late night repeat of Doctor Who Deep Breath had an overnight audience of 0.12 million viewers, a share of 5.9% of the total TV audience, while the Friday BBC Three showing had 0.32 million watching, a 1.6% audience share. The AI for the Friday repeat was 86.

The cinema screening of Deep Breath took £522,908 at the UK box office last weekend, making it the 8th grossing film of the weekend in the UK, despite only having one showing.

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