Fourth Doctor and the Second Romana for Big Finish!

They say that time heals all wounds…which seems especially true with regards to Tom Baker and Lalla Ward!

The duo, who portrayed the Fourth Doctor and the Second Romana on-screen in the late 1970’s, have agreed with Big Finish to record all new Doctor Who adventures to start from 2015! After so many years of these two staying well out of each other’s way, Big Finish have once pulled the rug out from everyone else’s feet and achieved the impossible. Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs had this to say:

It’s so exciting to be able to tell stories from another era of Doctor Who that we all love, with characters that worked so brilliantly together. The Doctor and the Second Romana had such a lovely dynamic – two equals, out exploring the universe and having fun with the universe. There’s a lovely, unique spirit in their stories.

Starting in 2015 with a very special box set release entitled The Fourth Doctor…by Gareth Roberts, Big Finish will release two audio adaptations, adapted by John Dorney, from the Virgin Missing Adventures range. These titles will include The Romance of Crime and The English Way of Death, two of Roberts’ greatest Doctor Who novels and wonderfully true to the era they are based on. A third adaptation for The Well-Mannered War, the finale in this trilogy of books from the 1990’s, is hoped to be recorded at a later date.

But that’s not all! Whilst this exciting box set has already been recorded, Big Finish have also announced that Tom and Lalla, as well as John Leeson as K-9, have already started recording a new series of The Fourth Doctor Adventures for release in 2016. Theses 8 stories will take the TARDIS crew from 1960s London, Budapest, alien worlds and will also complete a story arc that started a very long time ago.

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